Porches Decks Trim and More LLC

Below are 2 mangers. Each has a name and a price. There are also accessories to go with the mangers.  The prices are shown with the appropriate item. If you are interested in purchasing any of the items but do not wish to use PayPal, or to pay online, call me at 864-419-0356 and let me know what you are interested in. I need you to order soon for me to be able to fill all orders.  Want something I do not have? Let me know.

All items are made from PVC so there is no rot. This will last for years to come.

All items are priced for pickup in Simpsonville, south Carolina.

if the item has to be shipped the cost of shipping will be added.

48” tall x 48” wide


67½ tall x 48 wide


36” tall x 20” wide


23¾” tall x 44¼” wide


32” tall x 37” wide


11¼” tall x 11¼” wide

Christmas Items